Tag: Waterdeep


  • Off to Red Larch!

    [[:organnac-the-3rd | Organnac (the 3rd)]] & [[:silveno | Silveno]], at the request of their benefactor, & [[:javante | Javonte Harte]], at the request of his own benefactor, set out separately from Waterdeep to Red Larch. By the time they all reached …

  • Javonte Harte

    Sir Anthony and Lady Tiana Harte are nobles in Waterdeep, they worshippers of Mammon. Being unsuccessful at birthing an heir to their household, they prayed and sacrificed to Mammon. One day Mammon blessed them with a child, a tiefling. They named him …

  • Lord Warder Orlin Hollister

    Hollister is Lord Warder of Amphail, taking the post after retiring from Waterdeep's city guard. He is an experienced soldier & able administrator, with a straight forward & no nonsense attitude.

  • Niloshis Quietwalker

    Niloshis is a member of the Harpers, as well as the one to recruit Organnac. His story is largely unknown, as he tends to keep it to himself. Niloshis is the agent who sent Organnac & Silveno to Red Larch to investigate matters.