Princes of the Apocalypse

The Last Push to get the Log Updated

Midsummer - Eleasis 5

With the campaign coming to a temporary end for the time being, here is a summary of the events that have taken place.

- The party rescued some folks who were being held by the Cult of the Black Earth. They were joined by member of the cult, named Orna, who had a serious bone to pick with her former colleagues.

- Orna proved useful, providing intelligence and doing a fair job of killing her former colleagues when a bunch came to try and stop the party. She got her hands on a magical pair of metal claws that the Dao had left after vacating her quarters.

- The party descended into the Fane of the Eye, a strange set of caverns even further underground than the dwarven city. They encountered Aerisi Kalinoth, finally putting an end to her evil. It was a very narrow thing; Arboro Vesto & Maluth Clanguard Caragavi were almost killed, and Orna was killed.

- Ultimately, the party fought their way past a pair of hill giants and into the Black Giode, the true center of power for the Cult of the Black Earth. There, the party overcame more cultists, as well as creatures of elemental earth, and a large number of hook horrors. They finally reached the portal that led to the Plane of Elemental Earth. Upon striking it with Ironfang, which caused the weapon to shatter, the portal closed and an earthquake began.

- The party encountered only a small number of cultists as they fled the collapsing Black Giode, the cultists more interested in getting out than fighting. They also were joined by another prisoner, the dwarven master smith Rhundorth, who was also a member of the missing delegation from Mirabar.

- Having suvived all of this, the party decided that perhaps it was time to return to Red Larch and rest and recuperate. They found their mounts missing, which shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but the situation was sorted out with the arrival of Erned Stoutblade, Galya, & Grund. The three had found the missing horses as they were travelling to the monastery to see for themselves what evil was afoot. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the hippogriffs.

- The party stopped off at Feathergale Spire, finding it still under the control of their avian allies. They also found the missing hippogriffs, who had returned home to roost after being left to their own devices for too long.

- Finally, the party reached Red Larch, and prepared to take some much deserved rest after all of their battles. Though the Cult of the Black Earth and the Howling Hatred appear to be broken, there are still two more cults: the Cult of the Crushing Wave and the Cult of the Eternal Flame.



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