Princes of the Apocalypse

A Summary of Subsequent Events

Flamerule 28-30

To highlight subsequent events:

- The party woke up, went back down to the dwarven city. Along the way they were attacked by some mean mushrooms, but they handled them okay.

- Upon reaching the city gates, they found a makeshift barricade with a bunch of cultists and a couple of ogres. The party ultimately overran the position and dispensed frontier justice.

- They explored some new parts of the complex, killed some more cultists & those guards in the stone armor, and had a little difficulty with a new kind of spellcaster who ultimately escaped by merging with the floor.

- They came across a gallery with shockingly life-like statues, only to be immediately attacked by the priest & gargoyle that had already escaped them before, as well as a shadow demon. Then, Marlos Urnrayle entered the fray. No one was turned to stone, no one in the party died, and ultimately all the cultists died.

- The party took possession of Ironfang, plus a number of other valuables that the Earth Prophet had hidden away. They then decapitated & dismembered Urnrayle’s body, set it on fire, and dumped the remains in the chasm.

- After a little rest, they continued exploring. It was decided, at Noah Borchers’s suggestion, that no one would attune to Ironfang due to the potential danger of falling under the influence of evil powers from other planes.

- The party put a stop to some more cultists sacrificing a deep gnome, Rukhelmoth “Rukh” Glitterstone, to a black pudding. After killing the cultists & the pudding, Rukh was able to give the party a little information on what the Cult of the Black Earth was doing.

- They decided they’d done enough exploring for one day, but got sidetracked on their way out. This led to an earth genasi sorcerer & his pet stone golem. The party put them both down, but they decided it was definitely time to gtfo.

- Rather than return to the monastery, they went out the mine’s tunnel and set up camp some distance away. During the night it started to rain very heavily, forcing them to shelter in the tunnel. No one thought about the unsheltered mounts back at the monastery.



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