Princes of the Apocalypse

The Final Battle of Silveno and Javonte
Flamerule 11

From the account of Maluth Clanguard Caragavi:

My brothers fought valiantly today. Silveno and Javonte have joined their gods. The rest of us escaped death today thanks to the wit of Nasim.

After tending our wounds in the dreary gatehouse, devising a battle plan, and strengthening our resolve we marched back to the pyramid. Javonte revealed a vision he’d had, of one of our faction blowing on the horn in the throneroom. Javonte was certain this would bring good fortune in battle. Oh Tyr, if only we’d placed more faith in the prophecies of the kind warlock.

Upon reaching the pyramid and seeing enemy scouts watch our entrance, we split into two groups and ascended the staircases, prepared for the ensuing battle. The cult’s forces were stronger and more organized than we had anticipated, but with the Aarakocra’s Air Elemental fighting on our side, we were evenly matched.

Jumping up from the back of his line on the other staircase, Silveno initiated combat. With heroic agility, he put an arrow into the Winged Moon Elf and retreated by jumping over the ledge and landing behind me. The battle erupted. In a ferocious and foolish move, the enemy monk leaped after Silveno, but I was there and with two simple swipes of Aidla, the monk’s body was without its head.

As both groups moved up the stairs and onto the floor of the throne room, each was met with significant resistance. Organnac, fighting with astonishing brutality and fearlessness, did all in his power to hold the top of the stairs against an onslaught from a pair of skillful brutes. Nasim’s bardic magic bolstered the efforts of Organnac. As the other four of us reached the top of our staircase, Javonte shot an eldritch blast at some cultists and the Air Elemental quickly pulverized some dagger-wielders. In response, the enemy conjured a cloud of poisonous gas in our direction, causing Javonte to fall instantly while also hitting me and Silveno hard.

I cannot recall many details of the bloodbath after this point. Silveno fell in combat. He may have lived had not a cowardly man slit his throat while he lay unconscious. I flanked the two that Organnac was fighting, but our strength was outmatched in this battle.

Nasim has relayed the remainder of the fight. Bless Nasim, seeing all his companions dead or dying and with a clear path to escape, he could have made a hasty retreat and left us to die. Instead, Nasim heeded the premonition of the now-fallen Javonte and, vaulting over the combatants in front of him, sprinted to the horn. Upon blowing the horn, a genie appeared and offered his service to Nasim, for which Nasim commanded, “Save me and my friends.” Nasim, the Air Elemental, and the genie fought the remaining enemies, and although Nasim fell unconscious, the Genie soon brought him back.

The genie was now free of his bonds to the horn from the Cult of the Howling Hatred and was grateful to the little genasi for freeing him. Nasim took stock of the situation, realized that two of his friends were dead but that two could still pull through, and could do naught but rest in that throne room in the shadow of the horn.

Eventually both Organnac and I awoke. We gathered important items from the bodies of our friends and our foes, realizing that the Winged Moon Elf escaped the underground pyramid alive. With the Air Elemental carrying our fallen friends, Organnac, Nasim and I returned safely to the spire.

Praise to you, Tyr. I vow to bestow justice on these sinners who have slain Silveno and Javonte.

A summary of subsequent events
Flamerule 5-11

Since a number of log updates haven’t been done, I’m just going to sum up several game sessions.

-The party went down into the monastery’s basement upon awakening. They killed an umberhulk, destroyed several skeletons, and took down several orogs. Maluth Clanguard Caragavi claimed a suit of orog armor, since it was superior, but now he looks more like an evil warlord than a champion of justice. They also found a group of prisoners, including a dwarf from the missing caravan from Mirabar. They decided to escort the prisoners back to Red Larch.

-The party returned to Feathergale Spire to assault the Feathergale Knights. Organnac (the 3rd) went on a mad murder spree through the spire. The party eventually caught up to Thurl Meroska at the top of the spire but failed to prevent his escape.

-The next morning a group of aarakocra approached the spire & met with the party. They were unwilling to accompany the party underground, but sent an air elemental with them. On their way down, they were attacked by a spellcaster riding a wyvern. Silveno was almost killed & Clanguard looked epic smiting the beast. Initially not encountering resistance, the battle was joined as the party approached the pyramid in the dwarven city. Several dead kenku & cultists later, the party fell back to the gatehouse to catch their breath.

Back to the Monastery
Flamerule 1-4

The next morning the party awakens &, as they prepare to return to the monastery, abruptly comes under attack. Three Feathergale Knights, 2 on hippogriffs & 1 on a vulture, begin an aerial assault, informing the party that their usefulness is at an end as they do so.

The battle is quick & brutal, ending with 2 knights down, the vulture dead & the last night fleeing on one of the hippogriffs. As Organnac attempts to calm & connect with the other hippogriff, having recognized it as the one he rode hunting the manticore, Nasim discovers that one of the dead knights is Xander & reacts in a suitably melodramatic fashion.

Meanwhile, Silveno goes racing after the last knight in an attempt to shoot him down, Maluth Clanguard Caragavi stands ready to step in if the half-orc has too much trouble, and Javonte goes about looting.

Silveno failed to bring down the last knight, then got jumped by an ankheg & almost killed. Fortunately, Organnac rescued him before the giant bug made off with his body.

Once that was all sorted out, the party made it back to the monastery. The first several rooms they explored were empty. When they reached to temple, they discovered a pair of Black Earth priests, which they immediately engaged. The fight drew in the rest of the monastery’s occupants: a couple of ogres, some gargoyles & the female monk with the eyeless mask. While harrowing & intense, the party came out victorious.

Further exploration revealed a library, a distillery for cheap booze, and a garden with a crude mass grave & a few more gargoyles. The party also discovered a sealed chamber that, when forced open, revealed an undead wizard who made it very clear that he should be left alone.

Convinced the building seemed secure, the party found a place to settle down for the night.

The Cults & All That Follows
Kythorn 26-30

Just to sum up events:

After a night hiding in the ancient dwarven city, the party is attacked by some sort of invisible creature. It’s a tough battle, but they drive it off.

The party then returns to where the air cult is headquartered, almost immediately get into a large battle with human cultists and kenku armed with bows. Again, it’s a tough battle, but the party manages to overcome their enemies. Unfortunately, they are left in a greatly weakened state, with Organnac being forced to carry out the unconscious forms of Javonte & Nasim while Silveno guards the strategic withdrawal.

They return to their previous camp site, only to be attacked once again by the invisible creature. Organnac is knocked out quickly, so Silveno attempts to flee. The creatures dogs his heels the entire time. Silveno manages to make is back across the rickety bridge, but ends up falling off the stairs, only to be caught by a wyvern and its rider. Deciding surrender is the best option, Silveno relents.

The whole party is brought before Aerisi Kalinoth, leader of the air cult. She is quite angry, and starts off the conversation by grievously wounding Javante with a lightning bolt, though he is allowed to live. She denies claims that her cult has anything to do with the valley’s troubles, claiming it is the work to the Cult of Black Earth. She agrees to let the party go if they are willing to make amends by destroying the Cult of Black Earth, which the party agrees to readily.

With that, they are marched back to the surface by the kenku and one of the cult’s spellcasters. As they limp their way out of the canyon, they come across the imposing figure of Maluth Clanguard Caragavi. After a somewhat tense introduction, it becomes clear that the goliath is no danger to them, and he agrees to help them in their quest.

Heading off to the Sacred Stone Monastery, said to the the headquarters of the Cult of Black Earth, stories are shared and wounds are recovered. Along the way they find a quartet of shallow graves, which contains the remains of a dwarven artisan, a soldier from Mirabar, a warrior wearing strange stone armor and a body that clearly belongs to the air cult the party just left behind. Maluth insists on giving the bodies a better buriel, so the party settles down for a while to take care of it.

After a couple of days travel, they finally find the Sacred Stone Monastery. Nasim fails miserably to convince the monks of the monastery that they are members of the cult, and a battle breaks out. They are jumped by several monks, as well as a priest of some sort and two warriors wearing that same stone armor. It isn’t long before a half-dozen grey-skinned dwarves also join the fray.

After a long, brutal fight that the party barely manages to win, they retreat from the monastery to lick their wounds before reinforcements can overwhelm them. They flee the hills out into the plains several miles, eventually setting up camp once they are convinced that their enemies are not pursuing them.

Into the Abyss
Kythorn 24-25

Come morning, the party was given a hardy breakfast. Before they departed, their host took Javonte Harte aside & suggested that the Sacred Stone Monastery might be the source of the trouble the party was seeking.

After departing Feathergale Spire, Organnac talked the party into checking out what he saw through the spire’s telescope. The party led their mounts down the gorge, seeking the opening in the wall.

Before they had gone far, two wingsuit-clad men attacked. The men unleashed magical waves of thunder, killing three out of four of the party’s mounts. The last horse ran off in terror.

The battle was brutal but over quickly. Silveno spotted a third man flying toward the spire & attempted to bring him down, failing to do so. Once they dusted off, the party quickly found the opening in the gorge wall.

Inside, they found a fissure that descended hundreds of feet. A rickety set of stairs was built into the wall, descending into the dark depths below.

After far too long a time, they came to the end of the stairs, which was still a few hundred feet in the air. An equally rickety bridge crossed the expanse to a landing from which a couple of passages expanded outward.

Far more attention grabbing than the bridge, however, was the large cavern with a glittering ceiling & walls that opened up in the stone wall. And dominating the center of the cavern was a stone pyramid. A moat surrounded it, forming a waterfall at the cavern edge & plummeting into the dark depths.

The party crossed the bridge, finding a gate cut into the rock wall off of the landing, the passage zig-zagging and arrow slits cut into the walls. There were also torches set up to provide light. As they passed through the gate, they heard what sounded like terribly off-key music coming from somewhere. Then they started to hear what sounded like cries of agony and terror.

Moving into the passages beyond, they found a long hallway, as well as a branching hallway that led to the cavern with the pyramid. Stone obelisks were lined up in that passage, with an emaciated person chained to each one. When they investigated, it quickly became apparent that the people desired this, thinking it some sort of purification ritual for a cult they were seeking to join. Moving on, they found a stone door.

On opening it, they found a pair of men whipping a group of what appeared to be slaves as they pushed some sort of great wheel. The party attacked immediately, and though the men proved to be spellcasters, they were quickly defeated. It was then that the “slaves” attacked, apparently more initiates to whatever cult infested this ancient dwarven realm. On defeating them, the party pitoned the door and rested.

On venturing forth, they quickly discovered that not only had their battle not gone undetected by the rest of the cult, but that the cult had also prepared for their departure from the room. What followed was a brutal battle that, somehow, everyone managed to survive. It was decided at that point, that while they had won the battle, it was likely best to leave and regroup. As they fled back through the gate, unseen archers fired arrows at them from the arrow slits. The party fled deeper into the dwarven tunnels, finding a relatively secure place to rest and recuperate.

Feathergale Spire
Kythorn 23-24

As the party debated how best to approach Feathergale Spire, they entered the valley. Just a short distance away from the spire, they came across a giant vulture feeding on the remains of what turned out to be a male human.

After a moment’s debate, they attacked & quickly killed the bird. That is when they became aware that there were also blood hawks in the area. After they battle, they investigated the body. They didn’t determine much beyond that it had been dropped from a height & that it was possible that others had met a similar fate in the area.

After some more debate, it was decided that the direct approach would work best for the spire. Javonte Harte took the lead, since he was a noble from Waterdeep, while the rest posed as his retinue.

They were actually greeted quite warmly. The Feathergale Knights took care of their horses & invited the group to that night’s feast. But first, they were brought before Thurl Meroska, the captain of the knights. While things were discussed, Organnac happened to look through spyglass mounted on the tower’s roof. Through sheer chance, it was aimed at a narrow ravine a couple of miles off & Organnac caught a glimpse of a robed figure disappearing through a concealed opening in the ravine wall.

Later that night, the feast began. Organnac told tales of the groups adventures, Nasim found a Feathergale Knight, named Xander, who appreciated his attentions, Silveno acted mildly paranoid & Javante spoke with their host.

Before anyone could get too deep into their cups, a sentry ran in, shouting about a manticore being spotted. Thurl held up a fine ring with a feather motif & promised it to whomever brought him the manticore’s head. Immediately, the feast broke up & everyone made preparation to hunt the beast.

Xander gave the party a quick run down on how to ride their flying mounts. as they had several available for the party to use to participate in the hunt. Javante, Silveno & Organnac chose hippogriffs, while Nasim chose a giant vulture, since that is what Xander was flying. With that, they and the knights took off in search of the beast. Organnac seemed to get on particularly well with his steed.

The knights broke up into small groups, while the party and Xander formed their own group. It wasn’t long before Silveno spotted the beast with his elvish eyes, and they moved to attack. As the other groups converged on the manticore, the party and their prey exchanged ranged attacks; arrows, javelins and spells from the party, deadly spikes from the manticore.

While not the only hunter to strike a blow, Silveno did strike the beast repeatedly with his arrows. Just as he was about to make the kill, Javante struck the beast down with his mystical blast of energy, stealing the kill from the elf. After that, it was just a quick trip to the valley floor to collect the head. Organnac swiftly decapitated the manticore with his axe, and then they all returned to the tower so that Javante could claim his prize.

After a little time to wind down some, the party turned in for the night to the quarters graciously provided by the Feathergale Knights.

On the Road Again
Kythorn 21-23

Morning saw our stalwart heroes heading off once again. They decided to head to Beliard, the last place where the missing dwarven delegation from Mirabar was known to have been.

Perhaps a half-day’s travel into the journey, they were set upon by oddly dressed men wielding strange elemental powers. There was much chaos, with Silveno‘s & Javonte’s horses fleeing, Organnac) raging & Javonte & Nasim almost being slain. The battle ended abruptly with the arrival of a quartet of birdmen, who dove upon the party’s enemies & helped bring them down.

The birdmen didn’t have a particularly good grasp of the Common tongue, but they did manage to communucate that the raiders were from a tower to the south. Bidding the party a fond farewell (they think), the birdmen took their leave. Being low on supplies, the party decided to return to Red Larch.

But first, they investigated the strange clothing of their attackers: tight fitting blue-grey suits with cloth “wings” stretching from arms to ankles. They were also apparently magical, giving the wearer limited flight. Each was also adorned with an unknown symbol.


On their way back to town, they found the two horses. Otherwise, the journey was uneventful.

Back in Red Larch, they restocked & were able to get two horses on loan. They also met a shepherd who had found some mysterious graves near Feathergale Spire, a tower that served as the Feathergale Knights, a group of nobles from Waterdeep with a passion for flying mounts. The spire also appeared to be located in roughly the same spot as the tower mentioned by the birdmen.

The next morning, the party headed out to investigate this tower. At about mid-day, they arrived at the entrance to a large valley. Just a short distance in the valley was an amazing tower sitting atop a tall stone pillar: Feathergale Spire.

Subsequent Events
The Tomb of Moving Stones & Other Things

Kythorn 20-21

Having brought down the so-called Bringers of Woe and secured their prisoners, our stalwart band of heroes moved on into the Tomb of Moving Stones to confront the Delvers and the priest known as Larrakh. On opening the door, they found a huge room with a range of standing stones. Along the walls they saw entombed remains of…someone. Several someones, to be exact.

Before they could properly process everything, Larrakh attacked, unleashing a magical barrage on them. Silveno was quickly brought down, though Brother Eardon quickly stabilized the elf. The rest of the party pursued Larrakh, quickly cornering him. Undaunted, he continued to unleash his magic against the party, until he found himself in vicious hand-to-hand combat with Organnac (the 3rd). Between the half-orc’s axe and the magical assaults of Nasim & Javonte Harte, with some support from the good Brother, Larrakh was finally brought down. At Brother Eardon’s suggestion, this so-called priest’s life was spared so that he could be questioned.

Larrakh’s curious vestments, it was noted, appeared to be made of stone. He was also adorned with a strange symbol, the meaning of which was unknown.


The Delvers turned out to be the ancient remains of dwarves, presumably those who had made this underground structure. A secret door was found, beyond which was a tunnel that led to one of the town’s quarries. They were confronted by the owner of the quarry, a somewhat round woman who had no time for them. She snidely suggested that if they were so interested in finding treasure, they should go find the Blood Cave and the wealth rumored to be there.

They ultimately turned their prisoners over to Constable Harburk Tuthmarillar, who had his men secure the underground structure. Their work done, they party turned in for some well-deserved rest.

The next morning they decided that they would go check out this Blood Cave. Brother Eardon regretfully informed them that he wouldn’t be able to join them, as the Constable had enlisted the aid of all the priests in town to ferret out all the member of the Believers.

Getting some more of Kaylessa Irkell’s crumble cake, the party set out. It wasn’t an overly taxing journey into the Sumber Hills, though as they drew near where they were told the cave was located they were suddenly set upon by a pair of huge, burrowing insects. Nasim’s donkey fled in a panic, dragging the bard with it. One of the monsters immediately killed Organnac’s horse and attempted to make off with it, while the other engaged the warlock and the archer.

The barbarian warrior immediately raged and pursued the giant insect, intent on avenging his steed. After a brutal battle, both creatures lay dead, though one horse was also dead and the donkey was long gone. To honor the horse, Organnac cut out its heart and ate it. He then spent some time butchering the horse for meat while the others rested.

As they were about the continue on, a group of mounted and armed men came along the road. It turned out they were a patrol from far off Summit Hall. After a brief exchange of words, the knights moved on and the party continued to the Blood Cave.

Once again, Silveno used his superior stealth skills to scout ahead. He found a beautiful cave, and much to his disgust, a small nest of stirges. He attempted to shoot shot down one of the vermin with his bow, which only served to agitate the rest of the creatures. He immediately fled did a tactical retreat from the cave and warned the others of the pursuing stirges. Thus warned, they massacred the creatures as they flew out of the cave.

The threat cleared, they investigated the cave and found it empty of anything even remotely valuable. With that, they decided to call it a night and set up camp inside the cave.

Delve into the Delver's Domain
Kythorn 20

From the journal of Nasim, Bard of Ra’d.

Silveno, being the slippery knave he is, decided to check out the traps on his own. Whilst he scouted ahead, I asked to go and give the giant stone doors a once over. However, I was told to stay away because that would require a light, which could lead to alerting whomever may be prowling in the shadows.

Silveno and Organnac set one of the traps off, dropping a massive metal cage to the floor, blocking the rest of the hallway ahead of us. For all of his boasts of strength and willpower, Organnac couldn’t even make the monster budge. Javonte checked behind the statues, partially out of spite for me, to see what was behind them; empty corridors and nothing more. We chose to enter the southern most one, finding only a bench sitting above a privy hole at the end. Waste of time. We then went to the one towards the north, which reeked of death and decay. Organnac and I moved to the next chamber ahead of the rest to find a trio of corpses and unusually and unnervingly large rodents feeding upon them. We mopped them up like a very violent pest control service. Brother Eardon examined the bodies before we continued moving.

The next chamber was a different mystery: a floating rock. Organnac told us of Ilmeth’s whispers, “The delvers must not be angered, the stones must not be moved.” Javonte surmised that it was a touch of magic at work, suspending it in the air as it was. Organnac decided to be his usual self and take a first hand account by walking right into the area under magical influence, and started to float as well. At the other end of the chamber we found a door to continue through.

As we entered the next chamber from the northern side we found ourselves before a makeshift stone idol of a dwarf. Shattered, reassembled and caged by a wooden frame keeping the invalid from falling falling apart again, he lay quarantined by a wreath of coins and gems. Silveno, being a man of religion, gathered the gold from the floor, as Javonte found a dagger laying with the tribute. He read the word “Rezer” from the side and found that it glowed dimly. I, then went to a plaque and read of this statue and that it was a petrified Iron Star dwarf. With the rest of the tribute going to waste I went and gathered the rest of the coins as Brother Eardon and Javonte gathered the gems.

Laden with our burdens and fat with treasures like suckling pigs, Silveno went to the western wall and checked for traps on the door. Finding none, Organnac opened the door to find another half-orc looking out the door on the other side of the chamber, and a human boy pinned under rocks.

Finding him more anxious at our presence then angry, we interrogated him. Grund was hired as muscle for a cult and was watching over the punishment of the boy for being bad. Ignoring Grund, we ask the boy and he told us that he failed to deliver a message to the Believers. After giving water to the child and about the release him, Silveno was rushed by Grund. Luckily, Organnac had his back and knocked Grund out and tied him up. I, then noticed another plaque next to the boy that read, “Displease not the Delvers.” Brother Eardon talked to the child about the Delvers and Believers and found that the Delvers were entombed here and the moving stones are with and are used to communicate with the Believers as warning when they move. They had recently moved and the boy had failed to send the message along.

Sending the boy out of the caverns, we headed back to the shattered dwarf and Organnac opened the door on the east wall. “DON’T DISTURB THE DELVERS,” yelled an old man. Brother Eardon lost his temper with the distressing events of the day and shook the old man until he told us that their priest Larrakh had been giving the Delvers human sacrifices, and that the Delvers are through the door just behind the old man. Hogtying the old man, we drag him next to Grund in the west chamber. Silveno, checking the west door, found himself looking down the first hallway with the hanging cages. Seeing movement he set one of the cages off halfway over some masked men. Barricading the door we prepared for an attack from the north door.

Six of them made it to the northern door and with the power of his god, Brother Eardon called forth the Light of Lathander and thus killed three of the six so-called Bringers of Woe. We battled with the remaining three till Organnac subdued the last for questioning. Surrounding the two incapacitated cultists, we removed their masks, much like the meddling group of young warriors and their hound of old did. As we started to discuss what to do with the incapacitated ones we moved the last one to be placed with the other hostages, only to find that Javonte had slit their throats.

Six Feet Under and Still Alive
Kythorn 19-20

From the journal of Nasim, Bard of Ra’d.

After the defeat of the necromancer, whilst there was still treasure to be looted and divided, we found ourselves without the strength of Organnac, which was of little consequence because I was there. Javonte went over to examine and take the glowing globe and the wand left by the necromancer. After, we took pity upon the worn out oaf and dragged him through the mud and out of danger. Silveno wished to go back, but Organnac protested, wishing not to be left behind. So, gathering ourselves again, like bags of flour upon our steeds, we headed back to Red Larch.

When we arrived, there was a gathering around one of the old trees just outside of town. Through the mass of villagers, we spotted the bandit that we had tangled with earlier dangling from one of the branches dancing the jig of death. There, we approached the Priest of Tempus and told our tale of the necromancer, confirming that the ugly sod had been set ablaze and met a true end. As we left the crowd and began our trek back to the inn, we ran into Elak Dornen and Ilmeth Waelvur, the latter being the owner of some ramshackle wagon shop.

When we met Kylessa, we retold our story of valour and triumph over the necromancer and put all of her gratitude onto a tab that we immediately began working off again. Organnac demanded a round of chicken for the entire room, enticing them to listen to him between mouthfuls. I couldn’t let him spoil the story with his meat-headed vocabulary, so I stepped in to recount the tale in full. He didn’t appreciate it and we began a duel of words, recounting our struggle.

Part-way through our story, a pointy-eared priest, who turned out to be a worshipper of the God Lathander, stepped in to aid Organnac, seeing that he was struggling to raise his jaw from the table as I talked over him. He went by Brother Eardon, and he was a wanderer. After joining in our audience he told us his wish to aid us in our adventures at Lance Rock. He then told us of his worries of the dwarven delegation that had been travelling through the Sumber Hills, but which had not arrived in Red Larch when expected.

The next morning, as we gathered in the inn commons, Kaylessa gave us a pack filled with crumble cake, which soon became our breakfast, as I attempted to defend it from Organnac’s stomach, rather than the day-long meal it was meant to be. As this battle of wills was fought the rest of our group gathered in the commons. With all of us gathered, including the Brother, we were off to Lance Rock again to search the last of the caverns.

With two more caverns to search we started with the southeast tunnel and found and destroyed more dead and undead bodies in what could be the necromancer’s larder. After a short skirmish with four of them we contimued on to the southwest tunnel, which led to a small area with trunks. Before opening them Silveno thought to check for traps and he exposed a trapdoor above the trunks waiting to laden us with a burden we couldn’t carry.

With the last caverns observed we headed back to the where the necromancer was killed to gather what items we could find of use.

After finding that dreaded shortbow that I had left there, Brother Eardon aided Organnac with finding some grain ale. We declared our adventures done at Lance Rock and headed back to Red Larch.

Arriving back in Red Larch our party disassembled to entertain ourselves, although Organnac and Silveno seemed to have similar business as they wandered off talking quietly to each other. I must say I took the liberty to spend the time wisely with a goddess of a half-orc and her bed.

My private prayers to my Orcish goddess were disrupted when one of the villagers found me and stated that there was a tremor and a great sore upon the earth lay open to us and that Silveno and Organnac sought to gather and explore the hole. Following the villager I found myself next to Ilmeth Waelvur’s wagon shop and that near it was a great depression in the ground. Organnac, Javonte, and Brother Eardon stood near the edge and Silveno had already gone down to aid some of the villagers that had fallen in the behemoth of a hole.

We began our new quest by climbing down to find that two entrances laid before us, a hole leading up a tunnel and a door…which Organnac opened. As we entered the hallway we observe carvings in the walls and two stone statues that seemed to be doors. Preventing Organnac from opening any other surprises, Silveno stepped forth to guide us safely through the hall but Brother Eardon stopped us with his sharper senses and we looked up to see iron cages hanging from the celling waiting to drop upon us.


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