Princes of the Apocalypse

On the Road again...
The Long Road to Red Larch

Kythorn 15 – 18

Day I Long Road

The next day the three travelers, Javonte Harte, Organnac (the 3rd), and Silveno set off to prepare for travel and to ask Nasim, bard of Ra’d to join their band. Nasim joins the party! And then procures a donkey to join them on their way to Red Larch.

The Lord Warder gives the group a sealed letter to give to the priests in Red Larch, promising to make whatever donation is required to have the potential curse removed.

Day II Long Road

The second day of travel the group passes the Rundreth Manor, only to find a body near the manor. They find when examining the body that it was the wererat from Amphail and that there are long claw marks on it.

Later that day the travelers cross paths with a caravan, the leader informs them of the dangers of this stretch of road and the loss of others on it.

Day III Long Road

The party travels under duress as unusual weather in the form of a dust storm lingers over us.

Day IV Long Road and Red Larch

A few miles from Red Larch, Silveno sees a trail leading off the road and into a dell overgrown with bushes. Clearly a wagon has been going through it recently. Organnac III ostentatiously barges after it, as Silveno subtlety tails down into the dell to find a bandit camp, with bandits, and a bear, oh my!

A tussle ensues and the bear mauls his/her captors as we fatally detour them from their bandit-like ways. Afterwards we throw one into the cage wagon and gather up the loot and finish our trip to Red Larch.

Arriving at Red Larch Organnac III announces the defeat of the bandits and we separate to sell the loot and bring the prisoner to the local authorities. Organnac III and Silveno go to sell the loot and Nasim and Javonte go to find Harburk Tuthmarillar. They find him at the butcher’s and show and give the prisoner to him. Nasim offers to lend the wagon to him to hold the prisoner.

The Constable suggest if they are staying in Red Larch to stay at The Swinging Sword Inn and that The Helm Tavern will have good food seeing how the Inn’s kitchen was burned down.

With Organnac’s “delicate situation” still in mind the group heads to the shrine to receive his blessing. There we meet Imurra, Priestess of Sune, who suggests Imdarr Relvaunder to bless Organnac III. Imdarr is found and takes Ogannac III to bless him with the cure.

That problem solved, the group heads towards the inn.

Off to Red Larch!
Kythorn 12 - 14

Organnac (the 3rd) & Silveno, at the request of their benefactor, & Javonte Harte, at the request of his own benefactor, set out separately from Waterdeep to Red Larch. By the time they all reached Rassalantar, they realized they were heading to the same place. After an awkward introduction between Organnac & Javonte, they decided to continue on together.

When they reached Amphail, they met a genasi bard named Nasim at the Stag-Horned Flagon. They also heard about how the town had been having unusual rat problems. Before the night was over, the innkeeper was attacked in the cellar by a pack of giant rats that had dug their way in. The travelers & the bard rushed to the innkeeper’s defense. They slew the rats, but sadly, the innkeeper died from his wounds.

The group attempted to follow the rat’s trail back to where they came from, but they met unexpected resistance from more giant rats, as well as a swarm of rats. They retreated, deciding returning the next day would be better.

The group met with Lord Warder Orlin Hollister, who agreed to assist the group. As he went off to gather a posse, the would-be heroes followed the trail to an abandoned barn. Silveno scouted it out, catching sight of a strange man interacting with the rats. He was unfortunately spotted & shot in the back by a hand crossbow before the rat swarm was sent after him.

The group managed to destroy the swarm & engaged the man. After shrugging off several blows as if they were nothing, it was revealed that the man was a wererat. Ultimately, the group retreated, but not before Organnac was bitten by the wererat.

They met up with the posse, & while they had their wounds tended to, the Lord Warder led the men & dogs back to the barn. They found the barn empty except for a few rats, which were quickly dispatched by the posse’s dogs. The Lord Warder then had the barn burned down for good measure.

With that, everyone returned to the Stag-Horned Flagon to retire for the rest of the day.


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