Marlos Urnrayle

Earth Prophet


A strange & possibly unique creature, Marlos Urnrayle is a male medusa.


Marlos Urnrayle was the Earth Prophet, wielding Ironfang when he met the party. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, he didn’t really get much chance to monologue before taking an axe to the face. He did, however, beat Organnac (the 3rd) like a pinata before he went down, though no one succumbed to his petrifying gaze.

Afterwards, his body was decapitated & dismembered, doused with cheap rum & set on fire, and thrown into a chasm. Ironfang is now in the party’s possession, though no one has thus far been willing to attune to it due to its possibly corrupting influence.

Marlos Urnrayle

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