Princes of the Apocalypse

We are on a MFing boat!

Flamerule 22-26

With Yancy and Clancy sailing us up the Dessarin River, we came across another boat with a water fairing tribe on it, along with a magic user and the water genasi from Womford. A battle then ensued with Arboro Vesto fighting the genasi and a water elemental, while Noah the Scribe, Maluth Clanguard Caragavi, Organnac (the 3rd), and Nasim, bard of Ra’d attacked the rest. Dame Azinell aided in healing as she could and they soon defeated the others but not before the genasi escaped again.

Healing what injuries were incurred, we then continued up the river until we arrived to the landing point near the Sacred Stone Monastery. We requested that the brothers return in two days while keeping part of their pay. We then traveled to the pass that the monastery lay beyond. With Nasim and Dame Azinell in need of magical recovery, the group rested outside the pass and then in the morning went to assault the monastery via the kitchen. Mal found it occupied with hobgoblins, whom after a bit of shock on Nasim’s part, Mal viscously tore two of them apart, sending the third running for help.

With all of the motley crew trailing after, they soon found themselves facing down more then hobgoblins. Earth cultists had come back to the monastery, and joined in the fight. Although we were outnumbered,Noah was ambushed from behind, and the Dame over exerted herself, we all survived the battle. Needing a rest, we retreated to the distillery room (which still had booze despite Organnac’s previous visit to the room) to recuperate before gathering ourselves for another attack.


We are on a MFing boat!

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