Princes of the Apocalypse

The Final Battle of Silveno and Javonte

Flamerule 11

From the account of Maluth Clanguard Caragavi:

My brothers fought valiantly today. Silveno and Javonte have joined their gods. The rest of us escaped death today thanks to the wit of Nasim.

After tending our wounds in the dreary gatehouse, devising a battle plan, and strengthening our resolve we marched back to the pyramid. Javonte revealed a vision he’d had, of one of our faction blowing on the horn in the throneroom. Javonte was certain this would bring good fortune in battle. Oh Tyr, if only we’d placed more faith in the prophecies of the kind warlock.

Upon reaching the pyramid and seeing enemy scouts watch our entrance, we split into two groups and ascended the staircases, prepared for the ensuing battle. The cult’s forces were stronger and more organized than we had anticipated, but with the Aarakocra’s Air Elemental fighting on our side, we were evenly matched.

Jumping up from the back of his line on the other staircase, Silveno initiated combat. With heroic agility, he put an arrow into the Winged Moon Elf and retreated by jumping over the ledge and landing behind me. The battle erupted. In a ferocious and foolish move, the enemy monk leaped after Silveno, but I was there and with two simple swipes of Aidla, the monk’s body was without its head.

As both groups moved up the stairs and onto the floor of the throne room, each was met with significant resistance. Organnac, fighting with astonishing brutality and fearlessness, did all in his power to hold the top of the stairs against an onslaught from a pair of skillful brutes. Nasim’s bardic magic bolstered the efforts of Organnac. As the other four of us reached the top of our staircase, Javonte shot an eldritch blast at some cultists and the Air Elemental quickly pulverized some dagger-wielders. In response, the enemy conjured a cloud of poisonous gas in our direction, causing Javonte to fall instantly while also hitting me and Silveno hard.

I cannot recall many details of the bloodbath after this point. Silveno fell in combat. He may have lived had not a cowardly man slit his throat while he lay unconscious. I flanked the two that Organnac was fighting, but our strength was outmatched in this battle.

Nasim has relayed the remainder of the fight. Bless Nasim, seeing all his companions dead or dying and with a clear path to escape, he could have made a hasty retreat and left us to die. Instead, Nasim heeded the premonition of the now-fallen Javonte and, vaulting over the combatants in front of him, sprinted to the horn. Upon blowing the horn, a genie appeared and offered his service to Nasim, for which Nasim commanded, “Save me and my friends.” Nasim, the Air Elemental, and the genie fought the remaining enemies, and although Nasim fell unconscious, the Genie soon brought him back.

The genie was now free of his bonds to the horn from the Cult of the Howling Hatred and was grateful to the little genasi for freeing him. Nasim took stock of the situation, realized that two of his friends were dead but that two could still pull through, and could do naught but rest in that throne room in the shadow of the horn.

Eventually both Organnac and I awoke. We gathered important items from the bodies of our friends and our foes, realizing that the Winged Moon Elf escaped the underground pyramid alive. With the Air Elemental carrying our fallen friends, Organnac, Nasim and I returned safely to the spire.

Praise to you, Tyr. I vow to bestow justice on these sinners who have slain Silveno and Javonte.



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