Princes of the Apocalypse

A summary of subsequent events

Flamerule 5-11

Since a number of log updates haven’t been done, I’m just going to sum up several game sessions.

-The party went down into the monastery’s basement upon awakening. They killed an umberhulk, destroyed several skeletons, and took down several orogs. Maluth Clanguard Caragavi claimed a suit of orog armor, since it was superior, but now he looks more like an evil warlord than a champion of justice. They also found a group of prisoners, including a dwarf from the missing caravan from Mirabar. They decided to escort the prisoners back to Red Larch.

-The party returned to Feathergale Spire to assault the Feathergale Knights. Organnac (the 3rd) went on a mad murder spree through the spire. The party eventually caught up to Thurl Meroska at the top of the spire but failed to prevent his escape.

-The next morning a group of aarakocra approached the spire & met with the party. They were unwilling to accompany the party underground, but sent an air elemental with them. On their way down, they were attacked by a spellcaster riding a wyvern. Silveno was almost killed & Clanguard looked epic smiting the beast. Initially not encountering resistance, the battle was joined as the party approached the pyramid in the dwarven city. Several dead kenku & cultists later, the party fell back to the gatehouse to catch their breath.



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